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You won’t break your mother’s back if you step on a crack, but it could cause you to trip, fall and break your arm.
Contact Pewaukee Concrete Contractor to have private sidewalks or your do-it-yourself concrete walkway replaced. We also put in new sidewalks. We’ll correct oversights, such as when your neighborhood failed to build sidewalks in front of the newest homes, or putting a sidewalk in from the back door to your new pool. We also have the skills to put in concrete steps that are easy to navigate instead of a steeply sloping sidewalk up to the front door.

Installing a sidewalk of some form can significantly improve your home’s value. People don’t have to walk through muddy grass to get to the front door. A wide sidewalk with proper connections to the driveway or street, makes it easy for someone to roll up to the door in a wheelchair or scooter. While you could install a picture frame concrete sidewalk as a DIY project, it is better to leave it to the professionals to ensure its done right. Experts like Pewaukee Concrete Contractor know how to install concrete sidewalks that meet Waukesha County building codes.

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Whether you are a homeowner or commercial property owner, we have what it takes to provide you the best concrete-related services. We are the premier source for concrete construction services in Waukesha County.

Experts at Pewaukee Concrete Contractor, meet your needs at an affordable price. We don't believe in substandard work, we love what we do and take every project seriously.


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