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Pool Deck Resurfacing Service

Pool deck resurfacing can make an old, faded pool deck look like new without the cost of putting in a new one.
Pool deck resurfacing gives you the opportunity to put in a new pattern or color around the pool, and the textures that provide more traction and improved safety for those walking around the pool are restored.

Resurfacing brings the surface back to like-new condition, repairing the uneven wear and discoloration. Pool deck resurfacing can take care of little cracks that turn into big ones, necessitating full repairs or total replacement later. The small cracks will get worse over time, whether you’ve got weeds starting to grow in them or they deepen to the point they threaten your pool’s structural integrity.

Note that we can re-seal an existing pool deck too, helping to protect it against the elements and extending its life.

Pool Deck Resurfacing Service Milwaukee



Get answers to the common questions that we are asked about:

How Do I Know if My Pool Deck Needs Resurfacing?

You can tell the pool deck needs to be resurfaced if the colors are fading, the patterns are worn away or it just looks bad.

You need a pool deck resurfacing when someone suggests changing the “look” of the pool because it seems dated. If you have a concrete pool resurfaced, you can add patterns and designs to improve its aesthetics. Pool deck resurfacing will restore the pool deck’s appearance and performance in areas like slip resistance.

Will Resurfacing My Pool Affect Its Lifespan?

Resurfacing a pool doesn’t affect its lifespan. If you have a cement/plaster pool, you need to resurface it every three to seven years just to maintain its expected lifespan.

In fact, failure to surface the pool as required will shorten the life of your pool. Resurfacing fills in the little cracks that will turn into big cracks until the pool can’t hold water. In the meantime, these cracks are breeding grounds for algae that make the pool unusable.


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