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Stop parking in the street and worrying about whether or not someone will hit your car. Install or expand your driveway instead.

Perhaps you have a narrow driveway that just doesn’t accommodate the new drivers in your household. Expanding an existing driveway could reduce the shuffling of cars when someone needs to get out. Then no one will have to live with the unsightly mess left when someone repeatedly parks in the grass.

Maybe you want to have a new driveway, put in so that it is easier to get out of the driveway, such as replacing a straight driveway with a broad “U”, so that it is easy for everyone to enter and leave.

Pewaukee Concrete Contractor installs all types of driveways: concrete, cement and masonry driveways. We’d be happy to replace a cracked driveway with a more durable one too.

Driveways Services Waukesha


Concrete Driveway Installation
Serving Waukesha County

With many years of experience proudly serving Waukesha County, we are the premier source for residential and commercial concrete construction services in this area.

From the first day we started this company, our goal has been to be the concrete service company in the greater area of Wisconsin. We offer a full range of concrete design, concrete sidewalk services, concrete patios, and concrete driveway installation services.

When you ask us for help, you get the results that you deserve; we don’t do substandard work here at Pewaukee Concrete Contractor.

If your driveway looks damaged and old, you should seriously consider redoing it using concrete. The reason why concrete is preferred for the driveways is because it is durable, versatile as well as easy to maintain. It is a natural choice for both commercial and residential driveways.

With a concrete driveway on your property, not only will your curb appeal improve, but it will also indicate quality construction from the first glance at the property’s exterior.

At Pewaukee Concrete Contractor, we take a lot of pride in providing high quality driveways for both residential and commercial property owners in Waukesha County, and in the greater area of Wisconsin.

Our experts want to give you the excellent service that you expect from us. There is so much that you will benefit from when you work with our local concrete driveway contractors; including the reliability of our professionals and the durability of our products. During the installation of the driveway, we make sure that the vegetation and grass are removed from the construction site, the soil foundation is properly stabilized and the elevations are adjusted to ensure proper drainage.

When we finish installing your concrete driveway, we will not disappear into thin air. Our drive repair services are available all day, every day. If you spot any damage on your driveway, you just need to give us a call and we will be at your service. During the repair process, we apply polymer-based cement resurfaces or polyurethane sealants where possible. Any complicating factors that are found are also addressed; including hand railings, retaining walls, drainage, plumbing and joints.


Get answers to the common questions that we are asked about:

How Thick Should A Concrete Driveway Be Installed?
The short answer is that the driveway needs concrete that is at least four inches thick. Adding another inch of concrete to the driveway adds about 20% to the material costs, but it increases the driveway’s load bearing capacity by almost 50%. So you need at least four inches, but it may be thicker.

However, the driveway is far more than a couple of inches of concrete. A good driveway will have a solid sub-grade beneath the concrete, and this will add to the overall thickness. The driveway may need to be thicker than four inches simply to have the necessary slope for good drainage.

You want a concrete driveway with a quarter inch to half inch grade so that water will drain off the right way; the right way will be downhill from your home. This is even more important for long driveways, though it is an issue for short driveways. Proper sloping and grading ensures that your driveway doesn’t end up funneling water down into your home. The other alternative is a driveway that sheds water on the uphill side of the driveway. Why is this bad? It means the water stays there, never draining downhill into the sewer or local creek, turning your yard into a swamp while the standing water erodes the subgrade.

You may find local concrete contractors that offer to put in a driveway with a crown. However, most of them won’t put them in correctly. If a driveway ends up with a rounded crown instead of an “A” shaped crown, you’ll end up with potholes in your own driveway. Putting edge stones on the sides of a driveway gives it an upscale look, and the edging provides physical indications that someone is hitting the edge of the driveway before their tires rip up the lawn. However, driveway edging is not a replacement for proper driveway design and installation.

Professionals like Pewaukee Concrete Contractor will properly design, grade and install the driveway so that it has good drainage. Call experienced local concrete driveway contractors with a reputation for quality; like Pewaukee Concrete Contractors. Pewaukee Concrete Contractors is located in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, but we can service other cities in the Waukesha County too.

How Wide Should A Concrete Driveway Be?
The obvious answer is that the driveway needs to be comfortably wider than the vehicles traveling down it. This allows you to not feel like you’re driving on a tightrope while pulling in, and it gives you space to walk around the car when you get out. You want room to maneuver. This means that a straight driveway needs to be at least ten feet wide. Twelve foot wide driveways are better.

You can request an even wider driveway, though the driveway’s size and location may be limited by your property lines and any easements on your property. You do not want a driveway so wide that it destroys the roots of your best shade trees.

The driveway needs to be at least fourteen feet wide where it curves. Again, wider is better where it is possible.

If you have a long driveway, you need to provide a space that is at least twelve feet by eighteen feet so that you have a space to turn around. This is typically poured by the garage door, but it could be a separate concrete pad at the end of the driveway.

Will a Concrete Driveway Crack?
It isn’t a question of if a concrete driveway will crack but when and where.

Properly poured concrete driveways have controlled joints. Controlled joints are seams put in the concrete while it is still wet. As the concrete dries, it will crack at these points instead of elsewhere. A stamped concrete driveway will crack along the controlled joints according to design, but a new driveway shouldn’t crack along the embossed concrete patterns.

If you park a heavy duty vehicle on a driveway that can’t handle the load, it could literally crack under the strain.

If the driveway isn’t properly graded or mixed correctly, it will crack. Fixing the drainage around the driveway slows the formation of new cracks, but there are times when you will just have to replace the poorly made driveway.

Excessive cracks early in a driveway’s life are a problem. If the driveway is “alligatoring”, forming a series of cracks in a pattern resembling the back of an alligator’s back, this indicates subgrade problems. The closer the cracks are to each other, the closer to the surface the problem is. This is one reason why you want to ask for references from local concrete contractors when considering a concrete contractor; you want to talk to people who had driveways installed months ago to ask how it is holding up, not just talk to people who think the new driveway looks great.

If your driveway is cracking, call professional concrete contractors to repair them so that they don’t get worse. Ask driveway repair professionals like Pewaukee Concrete Contractor to seal the driveway to slow the formation of new cracks while they’re at it.

In short, concrete will crack almost immediately by design. However, new driveways shouldn’t experience cracks away from the controlled joints.


On Concrete Services in Waukesha County, WI

Whether you are a homeowner or commercial property owner, we have what it takes to provide you the best concrete-related services. We are the premier source for concrete construction services in Waukesha County.

Experts at Pewaukee Concrete Contractor, meet your needs at an affordable price. We don't believe in substandard work, we love what we do and take every project seriously.


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