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What is stamped concrete?
Stamped concrete is simply concrete where the surface has been embossed or textured; that pattern is typically created by stamping the pattern into the wet concrete, hence the name.

Stamped concrete is an increasingly popular choice for outdoor projects, whether you’re considering putting in a pool deck, driveway, sidewalk or patio.

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Why Do People Choose Stamped Concrete?

Stamped concrete provides infinite decorative possibilities while giving you a durable surface to work with and walk on.

Stamped concrete is available in a wide range of colors, textures and patterns. It certainly allows your home to stand out from those that went with the standard, flat concrete surfaces for driveways, walkways and pool decks. Stamped concrete literally weathers better than many other alternatives, including wood decks. It is less labor intensive to install, so it can be put in far faster than pavestones or wood decks. If you choose stamped concrete that looks like crushed stone, you enjoy the rustic look without having a driveway that tends to create potholes. In addition, there are no issues shoveling snow or scraping ice off stamped concrete as you would with loose stone or pavers.

What Are the Advantages of Stamped Concrete over Other Materials?

One of the major benefits of stamped concrete is the price. You get the look of pavestones or aggregate stone for a fraction of the cost. The stamped concrete can be put in far faster than it would take to lay said stone, as well. Stamped concrete contractors near you will finish the task from set up to clean up even faster than if you tried to do the work yourself.

Concrete containing steel rebar; especially when sealed, will handle loads and abuse better than masonry. The only exception is with regard to extremely high loads. You can walk on it or park a car on stamped concrete, but a big rig or heavy shop equipment shouldn’t rest on it.

Stamped concrete requires very little maintenance. You may need to hose it down once in a while with a pressure washer. It doesn’t lose grout over time, the reason why masonry driveways and patios so often have grass growing up through the cracks. Concrete creates a single, whole surface that takes years to form similar cracks, and it is easy to fill those cracks.

Stamped concrete made to resemble pavers won’t shift like pavestones will over time. You won’t risk tripping on an uneven pavement or a loose pavestone thrown up by a car tire, injuring someone or damaging the vehicle. This is why stamped concrete Waukesha County firms are called in to create stylish driveways that last for years.

In the case of stamped concrete patios and decks, you can get the look of a wood deck without the need to re-stain it periodically. Yes, you can have stamped concrete put in that looks like weathered wood. Unlike wood, the stamped concrete will never rot or host insects. Another possibility is to have the concrete stained with acid to look like stone. Note that this type of staining will fade over time, requiring resurfacing.

A potential downside of stamped concrete is that you have to replace the entire surface if there is a problem. The alternative to this is having the sections cut out and recast, though this could make things look worse since the new concrete will never exactly match the color of the rest of the concrete pad. You can avoid this entirely by calling the professionals at Pewaukee Concrete Contractor to have it put in right the first time.


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