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    Affordable Concrete Services You Can Trust

    You want your landscape to look nice. Maybe even impress the neighbors. But you also don’t want to start seeing cracks in the concrete by next winter.

    Our advice? Invest in highly skilled concrete contractors who will tell you the truth. That will be us. For over 10 years, we’ve installed stamped concrete with utmost transparency throughout Wauwatosa, New Berlin, and Elm Grove, Wisconsin.


    I just had a driveway installed and wanted it a bit thicker than normal for my work truck. Communication was clear from the begging. My driveway turned out very well and the texture looks fantastic.

    Ronald Lindsay

    Pewaukee Concrete Contractors provide several concrete installation & repair services

    Here are some retaining wall types that are common in Milwaukee and surrounding cities, including
    Brookfield and New Berlin


    Stamped Concrete

    Stamped Concrete

    Ask most homeowners in the Midwest. Their stamped concrete driveways are attractive, but barely survive the harsh winters without cracks. Here’s what some concrete contractors might not tell you: All concrete eventually cracks. It’s just a matter of when and having to repair and maintain.

    However, expertly installed concrete will last at least a decade before the cracks really start to become noticeable. Some extremely well-thought-out concrete projects can last two decades. With your cooperation, our experts will install the concrete with appealing patterns to hide possible cracks for a very long time. Using high-quality materials with skillful pouring and curing techniques, we will create tough concrete to withstand many brutal winters.


    Stained Concrete

    Stained Concrete

    Stained concrete is a great indoor option for two reasons: it’s nice on the eyes. It’s relatively cheap compared to stamped concrete. But left to inexperienced hands, it can be an eyesore.

    That’s why you should leave it to the experts. Especially if you’re installing concrete for commercial use. Depending on your concrete staining need, we will recommend acid or water-based stains. The former is durable and suitable for commercial properties. The latter is more aesthetic and ideal for homes. Our contractors will execute a carefully thought-out plan to create an attractive, tough finish you will enjoy for years.


    Polished Concrete

    Polished Concrete

    Need beautiful, extremely durable flooring for high-traffic areas? Go for polished concrete. It’s ideal for large-scale commercial spaces with much industrial work or movement. It can also fit perfectly in a modern or minimalist kitchen.

    The great thing about polished concrete is that it’s an artist’s canvas—there’s an almost endless variety of color and texture effects. So you can simulate any look you want. You can even engrave unique designs, emblems, and words if you are feeling fancy. At PCC, we’ll work to make your creative vision a reality. If you need, we’ll also provide ideal recommendations based on the building’s decor.


    Concrete Resurfacing & Repairing

    Concrete Resurfacing & Repairing

    As a homeowner, few things ruin your mood more than driving up a cracked, worn driveway that used to be your heart and joy. Resurfacing is a cheaper, faster way to restore your concrete’s glory or even improve it.

    You don’t always have to tear up and replace damaged concrete. While that does depend on the extent of damage, it’s usually possible to save money and time by simply resurfacing it. This method not only minimizes maintenance, it can also extend the concrete’s life. At PCC, our resurfacing comes with aesthetic options, so you can have a much better-looking patio or driveway.


    Concrete Replacement

    Concrete Replacement

    Your concrete might be so damaged the only option is to replace it. Such irrecoverable damage might look obvious at times, but it’s always a good idea to have a professional concrete contractor confirm.

    Concrete might be beyond saving if too much of the aggregate has been exposed. Or if the damage was caused by poor installation. PCC will assess your flooring and determine if replacement or repair is the best option. We’ll try our best to provide solutions that suit your budget and will save you money in the long term.

    How to choose the right concrete company in Wauwatosa (and why it’s us)

    You want your Wauwatosa concrete contractor to be totally upfront. You require high-quality service you will enjoy for years. But you also don’t want to break the bank.

    Truth be told, not many contractors fit this bill. But with the following tips, you might get lucky:

    • Do some research to better understand why you need a concrete job.
    • Ask for recommendations from friends and family.
    • Go to your local ready-mix company and ask them for contacts.
    • Check if shortlisted contractors are licensed and insured.
    • Ask for their portfolio (pictures & videos of past jobs).
    • Check how long they’ve operated (more experience is almost always better).
    • Check if they’ve successfully completed multiple projects like yours.
    • Prioritize contractors that are willing to answer questions and share information comprehensibly.
    • Collect and compare estimates (Extremely cheap might be a red flag; more expensive is not always better).
    • Ask how they will keep your concrete from cracking.

    Pewaukee Concrete Contractors is a fully-licensed and insured company. We’ve operated for over a decade.

    With us, you carry no risk of liability. Our experts are honest and will always recommend cost-effective solutions to save you money in the long-term.

    Our concrete installation and repair services cover:










    Commercial Interiors & Exteriors

    Apart from Wauwatosa, we also service Brookfield, Whitefish Bay, Muskego, Elm Grove Pewaukee, and surrounding areas.

    Concrete Services FAQs

    When is the best time to install concrete?
    The ideal temperature to pour concrete is between 50 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. In Wisconsin, temperatures like this are more common during summer and the fall.

    In short, June through October is an ideal period for your concrete project. Some highly skilled contractors might install concrete during winter and sweltering summers, but this requires a great deal of care and special techniques.

    At PCC, we can take on your concrete job during the winter. This does depend on our availability and the scope of your project.

    How can I protect my concrete in Wisconsin’s climate?
    There are a few ways to help your driveway or patio withstand Wisconsin’s harsh winters. First, freshly installed concrete must be sealed, but only after allowing it to air dry for at least 30 days.

    Prevent snow and ice from building up on the concrete, especially during the first winter. But don’t use de-icing chemicals in the first winter. Sand is a better alternative.

    Avoid de-icers with fertilizing ingredients like ammonium nitrate and magnesium chloride. These can break down the concrete. If after several years, you start to see wear in high-traffic areas, you can clean the surface and reseal again.

    How long will it take you to complete my concrete?
    Concrete installation jobs usually take 1-3 days. But the length of each project really depends on the scope of the project and time of the year.

    How thick will my new concrete be? Concrete slabs for domestic use should generally be 4-5 inches thick. This thickness level makes the concrete’s load-bearing capacity suitable for residential surfaces like driveways and garages.

    Ideal thickness really does depend on what the concrete surface will be used for. If you will be keeping an unusually heavy vehicle on your driveway, for instance, you would need something thicker.